FAR TRADE results from the meeting in 1990 of an Italian banker and a French industrialist united by a common pas- sion for the African continent, a group project was born: a group which has the capacity to support various European companies to invest in Africa to create opportunities and develop this continent.

he experience gained in the field of industry and agri-food sector, has put the Group in the conditions to satisfy all the needs of our customers.

Knowledge of international issues and the capitalisation of lessons learned from experience allow us to intervene in the field of financing for the development of infrastructure, construction, energy, technology, transport … humanitar- ian aid, security, consulting service, supply of clothing, equipment and vehicles for various trades worldwide. Particularly with regard to public services that have Civil Protection and need non-offensive security equipment.

FAR TRADE is synonymous with quality, the manufacture of supplies is carried out in its own establishments and undergo strict controls in order to comply with the standards in force.
Customers are followed by teams of experts from the project’s birth to production and delivery. They are guaranteed a tailor-made service, they can count on international logistics thanks to a capillary network and unparalleled deadlines.


We propose to help you to realise your projects – whatever they are and wherever they are. Our international team of experts offers you advice and assistance in order to finance, consolidate and grow your business, develop your businesses in other regions or diversify your activities, bring your ideas to life.

In the current international panorama, thanks to our consolidated relations with the official institutions, we are at your side especially in the sectors that concern ecology and energy, agriculture, construction, transport and logistics and more than all this for communication and new technologies.

We operate in the respect of Human Rights with a strong attention – outcome of our long experience – to security. Since our beginning our field of excellence is the production of safety, professional or health equipment. Besides the supply we can support you to set up infrastructures and to intervene without delay in case of crisis management. We provide training and provide the necessary support for agribusiness growth projects and the establishment of medical and health facilities in developing countries.

We provide a feasibility analysis service by advising companies at the strategic level and we are always attracted to innovative projects by following start-ups.

Our eyes are constantly looking towards the future …