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FAR TRADE results from the meeting in 1990 of an Italian banker and a French industrialist united by a common pas- sion for the African continent.

A group project was born: a group which has the capacity to support various European companies to invest in Africa to create opportunities and develop this continent. The experience gained in the field of industry and agri-food sector, has put the Group in the conditions to satisfy all the needs of our customers.

Knowledge of international issues and the capitalisation of lessons learned from experience allow us to intervene in the field of financing for the development of infrastructure, construction, energy, technology, transport … humanitar- ian aid, security, consulting service, supply of clothing, equipment and vehicles for various trades worldwide.



Ecology, Energy, Agriculture, Construction, Transportation, Logistics, Communication, Technology


Security service, Equipment, Vehicles, Infrastructure, IT security, Training

Humanitarian Aid

Crisis management, Supply of sanitary material, Installation of emergency antenna, Agribusiness development

Consultation Services

New business project analysis, Business Line Study, Financial Strategy Consulting, Start-Up Sponsorship

Main Clients

Ministero della Difesa
Ministero dell’Agricoltura
Ministero degli Interni
Ministero dell’Istruzione
Ministero delle Infrastrutture
Ministero della Sanità
Ministero dell’Ecologia
Ministero dei Trasporti
Ministero della Cultura